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November 28, 2008



roden crater

November 9, 2008


James Turrell’s epic art project –  NYTs article about the secretness.

pebble – zbigniew herbert

November 9, 2008

The pebble
is a perfect creature

equal to itself
mindful of its limits

filled exactly
with a pebbly meaning

with a scent that does not remind one of anything
does not frighten anything away does not arouse desire

its ardour and coldness
are just and full of dignity

I feel a heavy remorse
when I hold it in my hand
and its noble body
is permeated by false warmth

Pebbles cannot be tamed
to the end they will look at us
with a calm and very clear eye

the palace at 3 AM

November 6, 2008


gazing head – giacometti

November 6, 2008


red fuji southern wind clear morning

November 3, 2008