roden crater


James Turrell’s epic art project –  NYTs article about the secretness.


One Response to “roden crater”

  1. Kate Says:

    Have you been to any of the passage tombs in Ireland, or earth mounds here in North America? Sonny first got interested in archaeology when I dragged him around to a bunch of tombs and mounds in Ireland and the US. The astronomical alignments interested him most. Now here he is, studying ancient culture and writing papers about Venus tables and other such things. My favorite places in the world are these tombs and mounds. I can’t wait to visit Turrell’s crater/’tomb’/mound some day.

    I think it is just brilliant that Turrell is building contemporary art spaces that are undeniably spiritual in nature. There’s this argument about how modern art replaced religion for us urban elites and how museums have replaced churches. Simultaneously, they argue, this is a false replacement since there is nothing inherently ‘spiritual’ about modern art.

    I could go on and on with an argument against that idea, but I’ll just let Turrell’s work do it for me. 🙂

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